Christin Chong told me about this. Thought I'd dive in. https://medium.com/feed/@lafisal

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Nov 29, 2022·edited Nov 29, 2022Liked by Jibran el Bazi

Very cool, looking forward to participating!

Here's me: https://thingsthatshouldexist.substack.com/feed

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Hi Jibran,

I realized that you're only 5% on Twitter so it would have made more sense if I left a comment here where you are at 95% :P

Thanks again for setting up the 100 day challenge for us! I decided to use Medium as the platform since I already use substack for a weekly-cadence newsletter:


((I might *gulp* cross-post on LinkedIn too..))

I hope that it's ok if I hone my editing skills instead of writing skills--I hope to spend this 100 day challenge polishing/revamping existing pieces instead of starting cold. :)

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Hi, hello! Ran across this on Twitter and am very interested in this, especially since I just recently set up my blog and want to develop a writing habit

Feed is at jennymikac.com/feed

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